Dr Chan Kim Seng

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Second Upper Class Honours) in 1993 and a Doctor of Philosophy in 1998 from the National University of Singapore. I decided to join the teaching service in 1999. Fascinated to understand more about the theoretical underpinnings of the teaching and learning process, I decided to pursue part-time master courses in education at Nanyang Technological University: Master of Education (2002-2003), Master of Arts (Educational Management, 2005-2006 with Gold Award), Master of Education (Gifted Education, 2006-2008) and Master of Education (Developmental Psychology, 2009-2012).
I was a Senior Teacher and subsequently a Lead Teacher in two previous schools before I joined the Eunoia family. The journey of teaching so far has been filled with more good moments than bad. During the bad moments, my convictions of being a good educator have never waned because I constantly asked myself this essential question: What is the purpose of education?

As a Chemistry teacher, my main purpose is to enthuse my students to explore the fascinating world of chemistry, to learn the basic knowledge, skills, and appreciate that understanding is more important than content on its own. The learning of content develops clarity of thought and the use of intellectual reasoning — particularly higher level thinking skills — to solve complex problems and make rational decisions.

As students construct meaning, appending new information to pre-existing knowledge, my pedagogical approach is to mediate and facilitate the process by assisting students to see the relevance and supporting them in making intellectual connections. To help them to learn how to learn, I believe in using authentic performance tasks that are relevant to a student’s real-world experience. Armed with these skills, our young adults will function effectively in an ever-changing, complex technological society.

But students come in different ‘shapes and forms’. Education becomes more about nurturing each child’s unique individual potential. Each child needs to be encouraged to develop personal integrity, a love of learning, creativity and self-fulfilment. Most importantly, they should be imbued with a strong set of good values and future-ready to brave the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, ready to contribute to society and love himself and the environment that he is in. In the years to come, I hope that I will continue to inspire the beautiful minds that our students have and ignite their passions for life and learning.

“Even if the world is coming to an end tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree.”
- Anonymous