Mr Ma Mingwei

I graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Economics in 2016. I also participated in the University Town College Programme that focuses on small group learning and multidisciplinary learning. Before I started my teaching career at Eunoia Junior College, I taught Economics at a junior college and Mathematics in a secondary school.

I strongly believe that learning is socially constructed. The classroom should not be a place where teachers pour knowledge into passive students. My role as a teacher is to convert the classroom into a community of inquiry that enables students to ask questions, explore different topics of Economics, and participate in collective discussions. Students are also encouraged to initiate collective meaning-making practices supported by reciprocal teaching. My aim is to create a structured dialogue between teachers and students to provide students the opportunity to engage in question generating, to create meaning by clarifying, to connect emotion and learning, and to retrieve relevant prior knowledge.

I enjoy reading about the latest software and programming articles and I love writing my own code. Learning to code enhances my problem solving skills by developing my ability to organise my thoughts. Technology has had an impact on every aspect of our lives and education is no exception. I believe that developing the purposeful use of ICT is central to make student-centred learning effective and conducive.


Mingwei joined the college as a pioneering member of staff in 2017.