Student Culture

We are Eunoians

Eunoians engage in vigorous passion pursuits to develop a holistic approach to learning through unique curriculum and events. Fully committed to their CCAs and Houses, Eunoians strive towards excellence as they participate in various college events. With beautiful thinking and goodwill to all, Eunoians also care and look out for one another and the community around them. In addition, students are diligent and make positive use of their time in college during breaks and after lessons to revise their academic work. Being academically driven, Eunoians train themselves to be critical and sharp thinkers who believe that they can achieve anything that they put their mind to.

Student Life

The unique experience and vibrant culture in EJC allows all Eunoians to develop their talents and obtain academic excellence. Students are anchored in their values, guided by purpose and fuelled by their passion. Not only are they open-minded and receptive to the differences of others, their morals also spur them to always do the right thing despite the circumstances. Eunoians are actively shaping the College’s culture into what it is today. Eunoia Junior College is truly a place where lasting bonds and memories are forged and never forgotten.