Ms Kajal Kaur Khaira

I read Sociology at the National University of Singapore (NUS), obtaining my Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours (Distinction) in 2018. Despite being a “science” student throughout my life, I took a leap of faith in exploring the world of social sciences in my undergraduate career. I was always curious about society – the way it functions, the various actors and institutions at play, and how they all come together to influence the lives of each and every one of us. This was a decision I did not regret at all; my time at NUS allowed me to deepen not only my understanding of society at large, but also that of myself and those around me. A little fire awakened within me, wanting to share what I had learnt with those around me while simultaneously wishing to learn and grow from experiences around me as well. This ultimately led to me acting on my passion and pursuing a career as an educator at the National Institute of Education, where I embarked on my Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Junior College) in 2018.

To me, teaching is about the relationship forged between each teacher and student. The trust that is built, the care that is shared, and the growth that is achieved (by both parties), are what I find to be the most valuable takeaways from being an educator. My teaching philosophy with regard to General Paper (GP) is to ensure every student is ready to have mature and sensible conversations in the real world. In my opinion, GP is a subject that allows you to take a stand in what you believe in, while also understanding that there are other points of view that could also be entirely valid for someone with a different set of beliefs and values. In a world and society as connected as the one we live in today, I believe it is imperative that everyone understands the importance of conversing in a manner that reflects who we are as individuals, while still respecting the thoughts and feelings of others.

Having had the wonderful opportunity of being a part of the Eunoia community before, I could not be more thankful to be back and grow as an educator (and a human being) in this positive, nurturing and supportive Eunoia family. I look forward to an exciting journey ahead!