Mr Benjamin Liang

I graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Second Upper Honours), and was placed on the Dean’s List on numerous occasions.

My teaching career started in 2006 at a junior college. There, I had ample opportunities to lead teams in the areas of curriculum innovation, formative assessment as well as the Humanities and Science Scholarship Programmes, which provide students with enriched learning experiences within the classroom and abroad. Before joining Eunoia Junior College, I served as a Special Project Officer at Ministry of Education (MOE) HQ and was involved in the review and conceptualisation of MOE initiatives supporting school excellence. With the valuable insights I have gained, I look forward to leading my team to provide an engaging curriculum so as to equip students with skills to influence society and the larger community.

To quote Aristotle, my belief is that educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. I believe that education should not merely transmit knowledge, but must inspire action, taken with courage and enthusiasm. As Head of Department for Economics, my mission is to help students realise who they can be and what they can stand for in life.

As a proud Catholic High boy through and through, I am exhilarated to re-join the family and co-author the start of an exciting chapter for Eunoia Junior College.


Benjamin joined the college as a pioneering Head of Department in 2016.