Ms Leong Wymin

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Second Upper Honours) from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Geography. I attained a Master of Education, from the University of Melbourne, with a focus on the study of organisational learning, metacognition in education and counselling.

My teaching career started in a junior college, where I was given the opportunity to teach both Geography and Project Work. I held the position as Subject Head (Geography) and served as a Student Council Teacher Advisor and a Teacher Counsellor. Subsequently, I was privileged to join the Education and Career Guidance Unit at the Guidance Branch (GB) and was certified in Facilitating Career Development (FCD) to help students in planning their education and career pathways. During my stint, I held the role of GB CARE Lead officer and was also part of the CCE 2021 curriculum team.

I believe that every student has the ability to learn and that Eunoia Junior College is a place where students will be afforded opportunities to excel in their chosen domains. I look forward to learning from and journeying alongside students and fellow colleagues.