Mr Tay Theng Hwee

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies (Second Upper Honours) from the National University of Singapore. In 2008, I completed a Master of Arts in Contemporary China at the Nanyang Technological University.

I began my teaching career at a junior college in 2003, teaching H1 Chinese, H2 China Studies in Chinese, and H1 Project Work. As the Subject Head of Chinese Language, I helped to set up the nation’s fourth Chinese Language Elective Programme Centre, a role which included conducting outreach talks at secondary schools, organising Ministry of Education-wide camps, and leading overseas immersion trips to China. Before joining Eunoia Junior College, I served as a Senior Curriculum Planning Officer in the Mother Tongue Languages Branch, and worked on the Bicultural Studies Programme and China Studies in Chinese. As the officer-in-charge of China Studies in Chinese, I worked on the full-term review of the new syllabus, which is being implemented in 2016.

There is a Chinese saying that it takes ten years to grow a tree and a hundred years to groom a talent (十年树木, 百年树人). Education is indeed a route which requires many generations to accomplish. I am very grateful to the education service for nurturing me as a student, and for providing me numerous learning opportunities as a teacher. Heading the Mother Tongue Languages Department and Bicultural Studies Programme at Eunoia Junior College will allow me to continue to learn, to nurture and to contribute to the education system.


Theng Hwee joined the college as a pioneering Head of Department in 2016.