Mr Jared Goh

I graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Second Upper Honours) from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Geography. More recently, I attained a Master of Arts (Education) from University College London – Institute of Education on the Ministry Of Education (MOE) Postgraduate Scholarship, with a focus on the study of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.

My teaching career started in an Integrated Programme school, teaching Geography at Junior High and Senior High levels, as well as Citizenship education. Prior to my postgraduate studies, I was a Gifted Education Officer at the Curriculum Planning and Development Division (CPDD), where I was responsible for planning the enriched Social Studies curriculum, and organising MOE Special Programmes for the gifted and high-ability students in Singapore. I am a firm believer that every student has the potential to succeed in different domains, and that their gifts need to be intentionally cultivated through customised programmes.

I am a travel enthusiast who appreciates the diversity of physical landscapes and cultures in foreign lands. Scuba diving and trekking are two activities I relish on my trips as I feel especially humbled by nature’s creations. In my free time, I also dabble in learning foreign languages and dialects as they allow me to gain deeper insights into the lives of others through conversations.

It is a privilege to be able to be part of the pioneer group of educators to design and shape the learning experiences of Eunoians! I am excited to embark on this journey alongside fellow colleagues, parents and community partners.


Jared joined the college as a pioneering Head of Department in 2016.