Ms Loh Xin Min

I graduated from the London School of Economics with a BSc Mathematics and Economics, followed by MSc Economics. While in London, I volunteered with several public schools, and that enabled me to experience the education system in England at the primary and secondary levels. As part of volunteering with the Association of Jewish Refugees, I befriended an elderly lady who gained entry to England as part of the Kindertransport mission. It was inspiring to hear how she settled down in the earlier years and continued to eke out a living, while sipping afternoon tea and admiring the flowers in her garden. My time overseas taught me to value impermanence, and that while life can pass us so quickly, the experiences we have and the people we meet will touch us in small and big ways.

Prior to joining Eunoia Junior College, I held the portfolio of Subject Head of Economics in two other colleges and was with the Curriculum Planning and Development Division as a Curriculum Planning Officer. As an educator, I believe that my belief in a student’s potential would bring that potential to life. When put in the right environment, every child can thrive, and positive expectations play an important role in doing so. I hold my students and myself to high (but realistic) expectations, not just in terms of scholastic achievements, but also in terms of how we treat others and ourselves. While we may not always be able to control our circumstances, we can definitely control our responses and that would open up endless possibilities.

Joining the Eunoia family would enable me to continue to contribute to the teaching fraternity in the capacity of a Senior Teacher. I look forward to exciting my students in the learning of Economics and inspire them to seek ways to answer the question that (to me) encapsulates the learning of Economics: in the face of scarcity, how can we make decisions to raise our collective living standards?