Joint Integrated Programme

Good education informs, great education transforms. For about a century, Catholic High School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School and Singapore Chinese Girls’ School have transformed generations of successful men and women – many of whom have contributed significantly to the transformation of Singapore.

The Joint Integrated Programme brings together Catholic High School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School and Eunoia Junior College. The three secondary schools have in common a strong tradition of excellence in all-round student development, an outstanding legacy of visionary leaders and a strong, supportive network of alumni from different fields.

Together, the four schools offer a holistic and seamless six-year programme that prepares students to thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Catholic High School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School and Singapore Chinese Girls’ School students enrolled in the Joint Integrated Programme will join us after completing Year 4 in their respective schools.

As principled leaders of tomorrow, graduates of our Joint Integrated Programme would possess a strong passion for life, and be persons of integrity and discerning individuals who are challenged to think critically and make sound moral and ethical judgements. They would exhibit high levels of distinction in their acquisition and mastery of 21st century competencies and be dedicated and committed in using their talents to impact lives in positive and ethical ways.


Catholic High School

CHS2SFounded in 1935 by the Rev. Fr. Edward Becheras, Catholic High School (CHS) is a premier institution with a vision to groom every student into a leader, gentleman and bilingual scholar of high integrity and robust character, who is passionate about life, learning and service to others.

As an autonomous Special Assistance Plan school, CHS is a school of distinction in innovative and challenging programmes, a forerunner in character building and a beacon for the mindset of excellence, firmly built upon the foundation of Christian values. As a Catholic mission school, love is our corner-stone and the motivation behind all our actions. We are committed to providing a supportive and loving environment in which every life is touched.

The distinctive features of the quality educational experience that CHS offers stem from a curriculum strong in academic distinction, leadership and character development, as well as sports and aesthetics excellence. All students in CHS benefit from a forward-looking curriculum centred on developing 21st century competencies such as critical and creative thinking, civic literacy as well as communication skills, through inquiry-based learning, research and passion pursuits.

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

CHIJ Crest 2014_SNG

Founded in 1933 by the Sisters of the Holy Infant Jesus Order as a Chinese medium grant-in-aid Catholic school, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (SNGS) is an autonomous, Special Assistance Plan school where all work together to promote the core values of truth, justice, freedom and love.

In CHIJ SNGS, through a balanced, holistic and forward-looking curriculum, we inculcate in every student the belief that she has the capacity to make a positive difference and is encouraged always to use her talents and abilities for the betterment of all.

As Girls of Grace, our students possess purity of heart and mind, and are gracious in manner, speech and the way they present themselves. Also being Women of Strength makes them resilient, confident, resourceful and independent learners, always striving for all-round excellence. Becoming Leaders with Heart, all students are leaders with empathy and compassion for others, as well as globally-aware and culturally-sensitive team players. Guided by our school’s core values and emphasis on respect, dignity for all, sisterly love, humility and gratitude, these key pillars of the CHIJ SNGS educational experience prepare our graduates to thrive in the 21st century and meet the needs of an innovative, inclusive society.

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School


Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) was founded in 1899 by Straits-born Chinese gentlemen who believed in offering girls an education that could match their male counterparts. The SCGS education philosophy stems from our strong belief in providing a holistic and balanced education founded on a bedrock of timeless values and rich heritage. We add colour, character and richness to the learning experience. Our environment offers the warmth, support and stability of a strong family. We nurture every pupil to grow her interests and aptitude, to achieve her personal best.

SCGS graduates are women of character who are confident, articulate, gracious and well- respected in their chosen careers. Our holistic education develops women leaders of tomorrow who are world-ready and well-prepared to contribute meaningfully to the community and beyond. The three pillars of our SCGS Experience comprise the Talent Development, Character and Leadership, and Living and Lifeskills Programmes. The SCGS experience gives our students insights into themselves whilst opening windows to the world. With more than a 100-year heritage, a track record of outstanding achievements and a wide network of supporters behind her, the SCGS student is poised for success.