Mr Tan Zhen Yong Keith

I graduated from Nanyang Technological University majoring in Aerospace Engineering (First Class Honours). Upon graduation, I worked as an engineer at the NTU Satellite Research Centre as well as at the DSO National Laboratories. My role as an engineer involved designing parts, drafting technical specifications for precision fabrication and low-tolerance assembly of the different components. I also performed structural and thermal analysis for the customised components. I hope to help my students find relevance in what they are learning and also relate to real-life applications through sharing my experience in the industry.

I find joy in teaching and interacting with students. I heeded this calling in life immediately when the opportunity to join MOE was made available to me. Prior to joining Eunoia Junior College, I had a cumulative experience of a year teaching Physics and Mathematics at the secondary level. Even though it was a short duration, I have gained valuable experiences from my mentor, fellow colleagues and students. The rewarding experience allowed me to grow and improve on my competencies as an educator.

I believe that every student wants to learn and do well in all aspects of life and I will try my best to help them achieve that. In addition, I think that the character and values of a person are of utmost importance and thus will centre my interactions with students around this core belief. I have faith that by placing the needs and circumstances of students first, I will grow from strength to strength alongside these young promising Eunoians.