SL Lynn Koh

Ms Lynn Koh

I count myself fortunate to have found a calling in education as it is a good fit for my interests and how I want to make a difference to others. I have always loved working with people, learning more about their stories and experiences that shape who they are.

I also enjoy nature and being outdoors and chose to major in Biology as I could delve deeper into the story of life and the relationships between living things and our environment. I graduated from the National University of Singapore, having completed the University Scholars Programme and attained a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) in Life Sciences (Biology), while receiving the Fraser & Neave Prize for being a top student in the course. More recently, I pursued a Masters of Arts degree in Stanford University, USA, focusing on Policy, Organisational and Leadership Studies, under a MOE Postgraduate Scholarship.

My professional journey began in a secondary school, where I taught Biology, and I subsequently served as Subject Head, then Head of Department (Character & Citizenship Education) in another school. Both stints gave me the privilege to work closely with and learn from experienced colleagues with a big heart to serve, as well as students with diverse needs and strengths.

I also had the opportunity to work on education policies in the Ministry of Education, such as continuing education and training for adult learners at the then-Higher Education Division. I later served in the Science Centre Development Office, as part of an inter-agency team driving the new Science Centre project and to strengthen Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in Singapore. A secondment to the Ministry of Defence was truly eye-opening as I gained a glimpse into our national security policies. My experiences in MOE and MINDEF have given me a deeper appreciation of nuancing and the complexity of decision-making, as well as a more holistic view of leadership at the system level.

I have benefitted from the opportunities in the education system because of the hard work of our predecessors, and I hope to pay it forward. I strongly believe that education should continue to inspire a sense of hope and possibility in our students. One piece of advice that stood out to me early in my professional journey is to love all our students. With the starting point that all students can and want to learn, it is our duty as educators to help unlock their potential, and to inspire hope even when odds may be stacked in their way.

In my free time, I like to travel, run, kayak and spend meaningful time with my loved ones.

“Beautiful thinking, goodwill to all” – the meaning behind our college name, Eunoia, resonates strongly with me, and I hope to live up to the spirit and embody this in our actions.