Mdm Pan Qun

I graduated from Beijing Normal University(北京师范大学)with a Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Language and Literature) and subsequently studied at the National University of Singapore where I attained a Master of Arts (Chinese Studies).

My teaching career began in a secondary school in 1997. Before joining Eunoia, I worked for 11 years in a junior college teaching various A-level Chinese subjects such as H2 Chinese Language and Literature (H2 CLL), H1 Chinese Language (H1 CL) and Chinese ‘B’. I also played a key role in developing the teaching resources for my department as well as designing lesson plans. My responsibilities included leadership in setting and vetting exam papers, as well as the H2 CLL and H1 CL learning team. In 2015 our research on and development of the Flipped Classroom approach in the teaching of Chinese literature was presented at an international conference. My article regarding this presentation was published in a local professional magazine. From 2014 to 2017, I was appointed by MOE as a Subject Facilitator for H1 CL.

My journey as a teacher of Chinese Language has made me realise how much we touch our students’ lives, especially when we teach them in accordance with their needs and aptitude. I realise that I have a direct role in enhancing the quality of the lives of my students both now and in the future, and I have a deep responsibility to make their learning experience memorable and rewarding. Bilingual literacy opens a doorway to opportunities in employment, tertiary studies and the development of friendships. As a teacher, I strongly believe that I must educate and inspire my students to understand that mastery of the Mother Tongue provides them a link to their past, an appreciation of the present and a gateway to exciting possibilities for the future. It plays a vital role in their personal development and lifelong learning.

It is very exciting to be part of a new venture and joining Eunoia has given me a reason to reassess my teaching goals and philosophy. I value this opportunity to connect with my students and hope that I can provide support and guidance in a small way.