Mr Lee Ji Heng

Under a Ministry of Education Overseas Teaching Scholarship, I graduated from University of Cambridge (Girton College) with a Bachelor’s degree in Music in 2017. Subsequently, I completed a Masters in Composition at Royal College of Music in 2018. One highlight during my Masters course was the opportunity to join an ethnographic trip to the Dong and Miao ethnic minority villages in Guizhou, China, experience the indigenous music-making traditions, and compose new pieces inspired by them. The trip made me truly appreciate how values and beliefs shared by a community are intricately woven into their music, and how music in turn shapes a community’s identity.

It is a privilege to embark on my teaching career in the Eunoia community, to work alongside colleagues who share the conviction that students are at the heart of our teaching practice. As a teacher, I seek to kindle in students a love for discovering new knowledge and experiences, especially in our world of diverse musical cultures. Regardless of whether they eventually decide to pursue Music academically or as a career, I will encourage them to develop a personal identification with the discipline. Being a composer myself, amidst our local community of arts practitioners, I hope to offer students a perspective of music-making that is relatable, relevant, and realistic. Ultimately (this is humbling to put into words), I also want to learn from my students, and I want my students to turn out better than myself.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy playing the piano, watching thriller and mystery films, and reading. Over the past few years, I found a new interest in baking and cooking (ever since a friend told me it was as simple as ‘wriggling the pan’), and then imposing the byproducts on family and friends, who are undoubtedly the most honest critics. But that’s exactly what we need in order to grow and improve on our crafts, isn’t it?