Mr Enoch Tang

I graduated from the National University of Singapore and obtained a Bachelor of Science (Second Upper Honours) in Chemistry.

My teaching career began in a secondary school, where I enjoyed working with students to discover their different passions and leadership skills. Prior to joining the college, I served in the Curriculum Planning and Development Division in MOE HQ and collaborated with different organisations to develop and set up new applied subjects that catered to different profiles of learners. The stint also allowed me to develop greater insights to the design, implementation and review of different curricula and learning pedagogies, as well as policy work.

I believe that every student is blessed with different areas of strength, and grows through different experiences and pathways. Essential to education is the innate curiosity for learning and passion for wisdom, which is famously articulated by Socrates as “the unexamined life is not worth living”. To this end, it is critical that students maintain the passion to understand themselves and the world more deeply through rigorous questioning, discourse and reasoning, as well as to readily embrace different types of knowledge and skills.

In my personal time, I enjoy re-discovering the hidden gems in everyday life through the photographic lens, as well as playing the transverse flute. Both photography and music stand at the intersection of the arts and sciences, representing the passion for introspection and extrospection respectively.