Mr Tan Khoon Han

I studied Applied Mathematics at the National University of Singapore and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours). I also pursued a Master of Science in Mathematics at the same school. Having a strong interest in Mathematics led me to join the teaching service and share my passion with others. I graduated from the National Institute of Education with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

I started my teaching career at a junior college, teaching H1 and H2 Mathematics for six years. One of the highlights during my time at the school was that I initiated the Mathematics Enrichment Programme and explored the beauty of Mathematics with a group of students who were also enthusiastic about the subject. To gain more experience in teaching, I spent another six years in another institution offering the Integrated Programme, teaching H2 Mathematics and H2 Further Mathematics. To further enrich my teaching career, I had the opportunity to be part of the Mathematics Enrichment Programme at the school, guiding and preparing students for competitions in Mathematics.

I believe in constructivism when it comes to teaching, tapping on students’ prior knowledge to build new ones. It is essential for students to experience the derivation of mathematical formulas to understand the concepts more deeply, rather than just receiving them passively. Having an interest in and motivation to learn mathematics are also vital. Thus, I like to incorporate beautiful mathematical results and interesting applications of mathematics during my lessons to engage my students. There is a Chinese saying, ‘it takes ten years to grow a tree, but it takes a hundred years to nurture one person’. I am glad that I am able to leave an impact and inspire the students during their two short but meaningful years at junior college, guiding them in pursuing their dreams.

My vision as a teacher is aligned with the school’s belief in ‘beautiful thinking, goodwill to all'. I am excited to join the Eunoia family and look forward to working with my colleagues in the college.