Community Outreach

Situated between the Mount Sinai and Ghim Moh estates from 2017 to 2019, the college is looking to be a part of this unique community and contribute to its vibrancy. Via community mapping exercises, every Eunoian can connect with residents, shop owners and hawkers in the community and learn about their stories, hopes and aspirations.

The college is currently exploring a variety of platforms for this purpose, including:

  • A community trail hosted by Eunoians for the public, along the lines of the Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail and Dakota adventures;
  • A food trail on the famous Ghim Moh hawker centre, shared online with the public;
  • A photography exhibition on the people and places in the Ghim Moh community, culminating in a publication;
  • A ‘Hello Ghim Moh!’ app that synthesises the community trail, food trail, and media; and
  • Sharing stories of the people of Ghim Moh on Instagram and other social media services.