Ms Rachel Lim

I studied Geography at the National University of Singapore and graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours (Highest Distinction) in 2020. A key highlight that defined my undergraduate years would be my university exchange experience at University of Toronto (Mississauga). It not only broadened my geographical knowledge but even after returning to Singapore, I had the privilege to collaborate with my lecturer in Toronto on a research piece on geography education, which was presented to the Association of American Geographers. Other key highlights of my university life also include being a part of various committees to organise community outreach events and also the national NUS Geography Challenge for secondary school students in Singapore.

Inspired by the various educators I encountered in my student life, I always aspired to be an educator from a fairly young age. In my route to becoming an educator, I was privileged to be offered opportunities to pursue this passion of mine since my undergraduate days, under a local teaching scholarship. Prior to joining Eunoia Junior College, I did several teaching attachments in different secondary schools and also did a stint with the Geography Unit of the Curriculum Planning and Development Division at MOE. These various experiences have enlightened me about the whats and whys of a Geography curriculum, as well as shaped my belief as an educator.

Echoing James Comer, “No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.” My past interactions with my students have informed my fundamental belief that establishing good rapport with my student through caring for them is the cornerstone of enabling every child to realise their fullest potential. Every child needs a champion, someone to believe in them and I truly hope that in my journey ahead with the Eunoians here, they will be able to have greater confidence in themselves and discover the various gifts that they possess. Moreover, I sincerely believe that education is more than just equipping students with academic knowledge and skills. It is also about cultivating students’ character and developing them into contributing global citizens and members of society.

I am thrilled to learn and grow together with Eunoians and fellow colleagues during my time here in Eunoia Junior College. It is my greatest hope that as I journey with Eunoians, I will imbue in them the joys of learning Geography, and empower every one of them to practise beautiful thinking, goodwill to all.