Mr Kelvin Teo

I graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics.

My teaching career started in a junior college, where I taught Economics and Project Work. I enjoyed bringing students on learning journeys where they can experience the working of economics in everyday life. I was a member of a team of teachers guiding the Students’ Council, and together with the student leaders, we organised many events including orientation for year one students and open house. In addition, I have fond memories of bringing students on overseas academic exchange programmes to China, and overseas Values-in-Action (VIA) trips to Indonesia. These experiences enriched both my teaching and interaction with the students.

I have always enjoyed lessons in which students share their opinions, as listening to them allows me to understand them better. I find it meaningful to get to know students so as to help them achieve their potential and beyond.

I enjoy basking in the sights and sounds of different cities, spending an afternoon reading a good novel with a cup of latte and taking walks. Some of my favourite memories include appreciating museum exhibits, snacking on freshly picked cherries and wandering along little alleys. I cannot deny the values these experiences have had in my teaching as I do use them to illustrate concepts.

Eunoia is about new beginnings and I am excited to be part of the college. I am looking forward to create happy memories that students will treasure.