Mrs Wee-Chen Jinqi

I joined the service in 2010 and since taught Economics and Project Work at junior college level, having also completed a short stint in a primary school in 2018. The experience of having taught in a junior college and a primary school have made me a more reflective educator on how to keep the joy of learning alive in my students. Learning is for life and I believe that passion plays an important part in learning. The grades reflected on the scripts of my students are but measures of their current learning and do not define their capabilities in life if they are driven by passion to continue to learn. I believe that everyone has a purpose and place in life and education’s purpose is to guide them towards this realisation.

In my leisure time, I pursue my love in oil and watercolour painting of food. Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and I think good food connects us all. As I learn more about art, I think that every child is like an artwork – unique and precious in their own way. Just as no two paintings are alike, I think that every child is beautiful in his/her own way which we need to learn to appreciate. In class, I enjoy interacting with students and hearing them share about their stories and passions in life. I learn from my students as they are learning from me.

My mission in Eunoia is to ignite the minds of my students through my teaching in an illustrative way. As a visual-learner by nature, I can appreciate that a picture truly reflects a thousand words. I enjoy creating images to simplify economics content as they convey more information than alphanumeric and appeals more to our intuition to learn. I hope that my teaching will inspire Eunoians to think beautifully and give generously to this world.