About Eunoia

Eunoia Junior College was formed by the collective ambition of three distinguished institutions. Catholic High School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School and Singapore Chinese Girls’ School are rooted in a century of excellence in academic and character education. Each has transformed generations of successful men and women. Together, the four schools are more than ready to create a new, brighter future for our students.

Eunoia means beautiful thinking, goodwill to all and a bridging of the heart and mind. Harmonising five vowels of the English language, the name represents completeness.

Our unique name heralds the unique, forward-looking education we will provide. This is an experience that will guide our students to live their purpose, grow in intellect and character, and break new ground.

We are a school born in the digital age, living in the natural world. At the border of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, our campus along Sin Ming Place connects us to nature. Our curriculum is designed for the curious and talented, connecting you to new technologies and environments. We believe in finding both beauty and balance in the world.

Our students will have the most personal education experience yet. Our flagship programmes give our students the attention of capable, passionate mentors and the opportunity to find your passions. They will be empowered to design your own journey and launch your dreams. Together, we strive for unconventional wisdom. We want Eunoians to be fully human and pursue a life to behold.

Eunoia Junior College is seeking bold and bright students who want to create a new culture, and are ready to redefine their own lives and the lives of others. The pioneering spirit of our staff and students will show that the possibilities really are infinite.

This is the beginning of many beautiful friendships. We invite you, whether you are a prospective student, parent, alumnus or member of staff, to be a part of our journey.