Ms Lim Lyn Na

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery,” said Mark Van Doren, American poet, critic and teacher. As a teacher of Economics, I am committed to share my knowledge and facilitate students’ discovery in the thinking involved in the discipline and its applicability in the real world.  As an educator, I firmly believe in the potential of every student and am excited to play a role in helping them discover and shape their values, beliefs, abilities and talents.

After graduating from the National University of Singapore where I completed my Bachelor of Social Science degree in Economics (Second Upper Honours), I started my teaching with Postgraduate Diploma in Education studies at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. Having taught in two other junior colleges before joining Eunoia Junior College, I have encountered highly qualified and inspiring teachers who helped to shape my philosophy of teaching, as well as to sharpen my own pedagogical skills. In my pursuit of continuous professional learning, I have also embraced valuable sharing and learning platforms such as participating in the Networked Learning Communities in Economics.  In addition, I enjoy my interactions with students with whom I can share my knowledge and life skills, and of whom, at the same time, provide opportunities for further develop myself as an educator and as a person. Thus far in my teaching career, I have joyfully mentored students in various programmes such as table tennis, guitar ensemble and service learning. I was also a teacher counsellor who worked closely with students who needed support and advice. Such experiences only served to reinforce my commitment and passion as an educator in the holistic development of our young.

I look forward to creating memorable and enriching journeys with students at Eunoia Junior College.  It would indeed to be exciting and rewarding to create unique Eunoia experiences as we walk hand in hand along the path of discovering and optimising limitless human potential in our constantly changing world.