Mr Chuah Jun Jie

I graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics with a double major in International Business Economics and Corporate Finance. Upon graduation, I started working in the finance sector. During my short stint in the industry, I gained many valuable experiences and met many wonderful people there whom I still keep in touch with. Prior to joining the Eunoia family, I also taught in a primary school for a year and in a junior college for ten years from 2008 to 2017.

Here are some comments from my former students which have shaped my educational philosophy:

"The unique way in which Mr Chuah explains things makes Economics concepts easier for me to understand.”

“He is very engaging and I can easily remember concepts because of his style of teaching."

"His lessons are the most fun."

"The light atmosphere in class results in easy learning.”

As an educator, I hope that my students not only gain something out of my lessons but also enjoy attending them. I believe that effective learning takes place when students want to learn and enjoy learning. I take pride in my lessons: knowing that my students are learning well motivates me to not only do my best, but to do even better for subsequent lessons.

I enjoy running during my free time. It helps me reflect on my life and teaching methodology. Since picking up running back in 2012, I have become a better and much more confident individual. To date, I have completed three half-marathons and numerous 10-kilometre runs. My greatest achievement is completing 365 runs in 2017. Running has helped me acquired a sense of determination and perseverance, which I hope can be an inspiration for my students.

The junior college where I taught previously was well-known for its caring teachers. My aspiration for Eunoia Junior College is to be well-known for nurturing caring students who are willing to serve the community. What is learning without serving? I look forward to work towards this aspiration on top of creating many wonderful experiences in the college.