Mr Sun Xiaojun

I graduated from Northwest Normal University with a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature in 2007, and a Master of Arts in Ancient Chinese Literary in 2011 (Distinction).

After working in a Chinese government consultation institute for two years, I started my teaching career in 2010 at a junior college, where I was given the opportunity to teach a variety of subjects including H2 and H3 Chinese Language and Literature, H1 and H2 China Studies in Chinese (CSC) and a school-based Language Elective Programme for IP4 students.  In 2014, I was invited to the Working committee for the development of  H2 CSC teaching and learning resources for the new 2016 A-level CSC curriculum.

These opportunities not only inspired me to develop different teaching skills to make learning more interesting and enriching, but also made me even more certain of what I believe in!

I firmly believe that “教无定法,思有常势”: learning happens everywhere, and education should not just impart knowledge, but more importantly cultivates and develops students’ way of thinking to adapt to a fast changing world.  Hence, One of my responsibilities as a CSC teacher is to develop students’ multiple perspectives in understanding the real world.

Joining the Eunoia family is a rare opportunity for me. I’m looking forward to a meaningful journey with the college and making a difference to our students.