Mr Joshua Ng

If teachers teach from who they are, then any teacher must first be a learner. To live out the process of learning – to listen well, think clearly, and understand deeply – is to embody learning for students. This is hard to do. It goes against the grain to make the time for these things, and our distracted, distractible milieu makes this doubly difficult. So this is something I aspire to, but do not always achieve.

Being a learner is to be a work in progress. With my students, I hope that we might move towards greater clarity on our own beliefs while remaining swift to hear from others with open heart. I believe the classroom is a space to nurture the courage and wisdom to live these out under pressure.

It has been a joy to be at Eunoia JC. I admire and am very much in sync with my colleagues’ commitment to growth and excellence, while understanding that struggle and failure are part of the journey. My own journey through working life began at a junior college where I taught, at various times, the General Paper, Literature, and English Language and Linguistics. I have also worked at a GP tuition centre and at MINDEF.

I have three children who are occasionally willing to accompany me on walks through various nature reserves. In addition to enjoying Singapore’s green spaces, I am an inveterate reader who indiscriminately consumes news and opinion articles, pop sociology, and the occasional potboiler. If nothing else is available I will even read jar labels.