Ms Cao Xinxin

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Liaoning Normal University, where I majored in Chinese Language and Literature. Before coming to Singapore, I taught Chinese for nine years at a high school in China. In Singapore, I taught at a junior college, where I was given the opportunity to teach a large variety of subjects, including H2 Chinese Language and Literature, H2 China Studies in Chinese, H1 Chinese Language and CLB.

I am often posed these questions by my friends: why did I choose to become a teacher? Why do I embrace the challenges and obstacles in my path? For many, including them, teaching is a constant, never-changing job. But for me, the greatest joy and beauty of teaching lies in its fluidity. Not only is the content I teach always changing, I face so many different students and unique situations, prompting myself to constantly adapt and think on my feet: how do I handle a student who is struggling? How do I challenge a particularly bright one? The list goes on.

Day after day, as my teaching experience continues to grow, my understanding of the content I teach follows. Thus, after three rounds of gao kao teaching in China, I chose to come to Singapore and challenge myself to adapt to the A-Level examination system. After teaching literature for seven years, I decided to further challenge myself in the subject of China Studies in Chinese. I sincerely hope that I can venture on this new, exciting path with EJC, and I wish to inject the vitality and fluidity that is the inherent nature of the subject – and into life in EJC.