Ms Claudia Tan

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, and was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal, the A*STAR Gold Medal, and the Institute of Physics Singapore Gold Medal for best performance in academic and research work. Subsequently, I also pursued my Masters in Science by Research under the MOE Postgraduate Scholarship at the same university.

My experiences as an educator have been very diverse, with each stint leaving an indelible mark in shaping my beliefs and helping me grow in my pedagogical practices. I first started teaching at a secondary school where many students came from challenging home backgrounds. It was there where I realised that before I could teach the subject I love, I had first to teach the students there to love and believe in themselves. The nomination by students and eventual award of The Caring Teacher Award by NIE affirmed my belief that students value the impact that I made in their lives beyond the academics. After six years, I was posted to the Curriculum Planning and Development Division at MOE HQ where I was actively involved in the refinement, implementation and review of the secondary school Physics syllabuses and was engaged in policy work. The three year stint broadened my horizons on the education landscape both in Singapore and overseas, and widened my perspectives of the aims of education. Moving on to teach at the college section of a school offering the integrated programme for another six years, I continued to look for ways in which I could value add to the high ability students beyond the academics. I coached them in powerful habits of the mind and time management skills to help them fulfill their potential both in class and out of class, and took every opportunity to foster in them a sense of duty towards their family, community and country.

I consider it my privilege now to be here at Eunoia Junior College, a place where beautiful thinking and goodwill abound. I am confident that the positive attitudes and perspectives that students learn to take will empower them to make a difference wherever they are. I look forward to seeing Eunoians rise up to fulfill the vision of the school for them to be a Youth with Purpose, Thinker with Heart and Leader with Courage!