Direct School Admission

The Direct School Admission (DSA-JC) provides students with the opportunity to seek admission to a junior college (JC), based on a diverse range of academic and non-academic achievements and talents that they can demonstrate beyond the GCE O-Level examination. It is an annual exercise that takes place from May to August.

The 2021 Direct School Admission (DSA-JC) exercise opens on 5 May 2021. Applications to Eunoia Junior College must reach us by 28 June 2021.

To learn about the DSA-JC application process, please visit our 2021 Direct School Admission Exercise page.


The DSA-JC exercise allows all graduating secondary school students with special talents and achievements to apply to Eunoia Junior College directly.

Successful applicants are guaranteed a place in the college provided they meet eligibility criteria for admission to a JC after the release of their Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level results.

Successful DSA-JC students will NOT be allowed to take part in the JAE as places have already been reserved for them in the DSA-JC schools.

They will also NOT be allowed to transfer to another JC after the release of the O-Level results. They are expected to honour their commitment to the DSA-JC schools they have been posted to.