Mr Samuel Wong

I graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2001 with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Sociology (Second Upper Honours). I majored in Sociology and English Language. My passion was, and still is, in Sociology as it provides me with insights on how societies function, and where do social tensions come from. My honours thesis submission for Sociology looked at the issue of creating and maintaining the freedom of speech in Singapore.

Before joining the teaching profession, I worked for the Ministry of Defence. I started my teaching career teaching General Paper and Project Work. Prior to Eunoia Junior College, I served as the English Language level coordinator in an Integrated Programme (IP) school for 5 years. During these years as a teacher, I had the pleasure to see my students developed as a person and continue to contribute back to society as they complete their education and enter the working world. I was fortunate to have been given opportunities by my previous school leaders to start and develop various programmes like a Public Speaking Club and Photography Club which are teaching areas that continue to interest me in schools. Teaching General Paper continues to be a passion of mine because I believe that this subject is critical in helping my students to gain a balanced, critical perspective of life which can help them to be better leaders of Singapore in the future.

Outside of teaching, I am passionate about photography, especially film photography. The slow, deliberate processes of film photography develops patience which I believe is crucial to being a good teacher. Apart from photography, I have also love building Lego models which is a passion I share with my son.

I am looking forward to learn more about being a better teacher from my colleagues here in Eunoia Junior College. And I am looking forward to interact and encourage my students to look at life around them with a greater and more balanced perspective.