Mr Alson Yong

I graduated from the National University of Singapore with an Honours degree in History and then completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education. Before joining Eunoia JC, I had a very fulfilling journey teaching at junior college level for four years, where I was inspired by the students there. Despite being thrust with so many responsibilities competing for their time and energy, they manage to not only pull through but also to excel. The title of a ‘strawberry generation’ is, I feel, unjustly imposed by older generations who only see the world through their limited perspective.

I have always been highly involved in school events from secondary school to university. I would like to think that rather than being defined by my grades (I hope I am not delusional), I am defined by my dedication, competencies and friends. However, I know that students are mortally afraid of big examinations and hence I advocate a balance between the mind and person.

I also strongly believe in creating a safe, balanced environment. Students do need a dose of ‘reality’ or the ‘working world’ but done meaningfully and timed well. This means that the engagement and platforms need to be authentic in order to overcome the distrust and scepticism of youth who mistakenly equate wisdom with cynicism. Instead of being provoked and compared to, youth need affirmation and inspiration. Instead of giving contrived explanations which only make them feel patronised, I strive to be honest and sincere. The core of my teaching philosophy may be quite simple, but that does not imply it is easy: as adults, we slip into the authoritative, know-it-all mode all too quickly.

My interactions with the current Eunoians give me confidence in working with them to achieve greater growth and finding their purpose in society!