College Identity

Our Name


Eunoia (yoo-noh-iea) means beautiful thinking, goodwill to all, and a bridging of the heart and the mind. Eunoia is an English word with Greek origins, and is made up of two parts: ‘eu’ meaning good and ‘noia’ referring to the mind.

In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle refers to eunoia as the pursuit of the good of all, and the desire for the good of the other person in friendships. Friendships are in their fullest and most enduring form when one gives and cares without seeking benefits for oneself.

‘The perfect form of friendship is that between the good, and those who resemble each other in virtue. For these friends wish each alike the other’s good in respect of their goodness, and they are good in themselves; but it is those who wish the good of their friends for their friends’ sake who are friends in the fullest sense, since they love each other for themselves and not accidentally.’

In the words of Aristotle, we believe that ‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.’


诺雅指的是“君子大雅,有诺必行”。 “诺”“雅”这两个字在中文里也个别有它们的意思。“” 表示 “承诺”,“雅” 指的是高尚,美好的意思。“” 也代表气质,如优雅的气质,跟 Eunoia 指 Beautiful thinking 的意思相似。 因此,我们希望诺雅初级学院的学生能成为才学优异、品德高尚、正直守信的人。

Our Crest



The college crest can be understood by three qualities, or simply A-B-C : All-round Development, Beautiful Thinking and Cultural Conversance.



The circular shape of the crest signifies the holistic development of Eunoians. This roundedness is complemented by the geometry of the college wordmark and typeface.



The design of the crest is inspired by the neural networks of the human brain, and signifies beautiful thinking.



The design represents the college’s name Eunoia, an English word, with an Asian theme. Eunoians are able to thrive in diverse cultural settings, while remaining rooted to their own culture.

Our Anthem


Beginning with a dream
Making history
As one we write
Our destiny
Eunoia’s legacy

With passion every day
We strive and light the way
Our hearts unite
Our minds ignite
Our dreams take flight



Beautiful thinking
Bridging heart and mind
Eunoia shining
Our glories we define

Goodwill to others
Friendships forevermore
With purpose, heart and courage strong
Eunoia’s voices soar
With purpose, heart and courage strong
Our voices soar!


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