Ms Rachel Yau

I graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Science (Second Upper Honours), specialising in Biomedical Science, where I had the opportunity to perform academic research with the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore. My work involved developing Nanodiamond Lipids to perform targeted delivery of chemotherapeutics to hepatocellular carcinoma tissues. 

I started my career by teaching Biotechnology at a specialised independent school. During this time, I was heavily involved in Student Leadership and Overseas Learning Experiences. I was also deeply committed to the development of education technology. To that end, I have obtained certifications including Apple Teacher, Google Certified Educator and Google Certified Trainer. I enjoy exchanging knowledge in this field with others, and have presented at Education Technology summits locally and internationally. 

I pursue my hobbies intensely. Before the pandemic, surfing was a major passion. These days, I surf concrete waves on a skateboard at skate bowls but I really hope to be back in the water soon. Mostly, I play a lot of basketball, read, and embroider.

I believe that the purpose of education is to develop learners, not the learned. My aim as an educator is to develop citizens of character who are able to think critically and empathetically so that they may live purposeful lives in the future. To me, the greatest joy in teaching is the opportunity to learn from our youth. Our youth are a mirror of our pasts and a glimpse into our future. By listening to and empowering their voices, one can learn a great deal about psychology, sociology, and much more. They are a resource to be cherished, and I am most privileged to be part of their growth in Eunoia Junior College, where we aim to develop Youth with Purpose, Thinkers with Heart and Leaders with Courage.