Ms Emeline Choo

I graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Science (Second Upper Honours) in Biomedical Science.

Prior to joining Eunoia Junior College, I started my career in teaching Biology at another junior college where I taught for 6 years. During those years, I taught Biology at various levels, H1 and H2 Biology as well as H3 Proteomics. This has allowed me to pick up various instructional methods to cater to the learning needs of diverse students. Apart from teaching Biology, I was also a teacher mentor in various areas of student development. These include Students’ Council, International Service Learning Expedition programme and student-initiated community service projects, where I supported my students in developing their soft skills and becoming well-rounded individuals.

In my journey as an educator, I feel that it is important to go beyond than just helping my students to maximize their potential for academic excellence, as grades do not define a person. I aspire to help my students acquire life skills and to inculcate a positive relationship with mistakes and failures, treating each as an invaluable lesson to learn from. I also hope to inspire my students to challenge their limits just like how I enjoy pushing my own. I relish hiking and testing out new recipes. With a spirit for adventure and exploration, I have also experimented with travelling solo and taken a go at various extreme sports such as sky diving, scuba diving and rock climbing. I hope my outlook will encourage my students to learn not to be afraid of breaking out of their comfort zone and to constantly strive to grow into a better version of themselves.

It is exciting to be part of the pioneering cohort at Eunoia Junior College and I look forward to forging many great, fulfilling memories!


Emeline joined the college as a pioneering member of staff in 2017.