Mrs Ng-Phoon Lai Yong

I graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics. Thereafter, I went on to complete my Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education, majoring in Mathematics and Computing.

Before joining Eunoia Junior College, I taught H1 and H2 Mathematics in a junior college for the past 13 years. I always enjoy innovating and adapting my teaching pedagogies to suit the different learning needs of the students and to arouse their interest in Mathematics. Some teaching pedagogies I have used are team-based learning and Google Classroom. I centre my teaching on enhancing the joy of learning for the students.

To me, teaching and engaging students is a fulfilling yet challenging journey. This gives me a sense of achievement whenever I motivate and touch the life of a student. I hope to inspire students to be a committed lifelong learner who will persevere even when learning gets difficult. Nothing comes easy, especially in learning, where there is no substitute for hard work. I believe that only with perseverance, will there be success in learning.

I am grateful to be in the Eunoia family and look forward to working and learning with everyone.