Dr Edson Ng

I graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature (Second Upper Honours) and a Masters of Arts in Literary Studies. I had the privilege of receiving a Research Scholarship from NUS in 2012 to pursue my passion in film studies, and completed my research on the cinematic representations of rural spaces in China’s alternative cinema.

I taught General Paper and English Literature at a junior college with the aim of nurturing the love of learning in students and imbuing in them a deep sense of curiosity about the world. While there, I had a wonderful time establishing an English Literature programme with fellow colleagues that enabled students to immerse themselves in experiencing the discipline from a variety of different avenues. This included shooting mini film projects, performing on stage, watching performances, going on learning journeys and interacting with experts from the field, namely novelists, poets and English professors. My strong conviction is that cultivating a profound passion for the discipline will result in learning that endures. Having taught a spectrum of students ranging from secondary school students to university undergraduates over the years, I am thoroughly convinced that one’s success in learning is largely predicated on the level of interest one has for the subject. As such, my hope is to build a deep interest in what my students are learning, so that they will remember those lessons for life.

Outside of teaching, my interests include reading, going to the theatre, watching and collecting films. These interests are driven by an inquisitiveness toward the human condition, and a sincere desire to understand the unique experiences that different individuals face. Curious about life and people, books, theatre and films are not only a delightful source of entertainment for me, but a means to constantly challenge my perspectives and understanding of what it truly means to be human in the world we live in today.

It is not every day that one receives an opportunity to be part of something new, and I consider it a privilege to be part of this exciting new journey that Eunoia Junior College is embarking on. It is with great expectation and plenty of enthusiasm that I look forward to sharing my knowledge, thoughts and experiences with the first batch of students who will eventually become the trailblazers and ambassadors of “beautiful thinking and goodwill to others”.


Edson joined the college as a pioneering member of staff in 2017.