Ms Lu Jing

I graduated with Bachelor of Arts (Second Upper Honours) from National University of Singapore, majoring in Chinese Language. Subsequently, I obtained my Double Degree Master of Arts by Research from National University of Singapore and Peking University, China. It is an honour to be awarded the winner of the Lee Foundation Gold Medal in Chinese Studies when I finally graduated in 2012.

My prior teaching experience was in a school offering the Integrated Programme, teaching year 1-4 students. I taught Higher Chinese and the school-based Language Elective Programme. The opportunity has allowed me to plan and design lessons using different pedagogies, and to use many creative teaching methods to make learning more interesting and enriching. I was also in charge of Service Learning, where we actively collaborated with different organisations to provide students a wide range of service learning opportunities.

As a Chinese language teacher, I strongly believe that the role of a teacher is to inspire students, motivate them to foster interest in the subject, help them to internalise the correct values, and challenge them to be creative, independent and life-long learners beyond the curriculum.

I am excited to join the Eunoia family, and be the pioneer in our endeavour. May we conquer all challenges and achieve greater heights together!


Lu Jing joined the college as a pioneering member of staff in 2017.