Ms Zulaiha Said

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science, specialising in Biomedical Sciences, from the National University of Singapore. Upon completing my Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education, I was posted to a junior college. I had the opportunity to teach both Biology and Project Work during my time there and also worked closely with students through several student leadership and student-led programmes and initiatives. Thereafter, I was provided with the opportunity to expand my understanding of Singapore’s education landscape through a two-year stint in the Academy of Singapore Teachers. While there, I contributed towards the professional development of teachers across various levels and acquired knowledge on adult learning.

While my role as an educator has evolved through the various opportunities afforded to me, my take on the purpose of education remains. I believe that education serves to instil a sense of curiosity, a trait indispensable to learning, and hope to invoke that inquisitive trait in the students I cross paths with. As they move on from junior college, I hope that they will continue to have a sense of wonder through their various life experiences, and become drivers and collectors of knowledge for themselves.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy being in nature and often embark on long walks and hikes, both locally and abroad. It is not unheard of for me to travel somewhere without data access, to unplug and simply enjoy the tranquillity and beauty the surroundings have to offer. I also have a keen interest in mobility and muscle conditioning, and pursue this passion through Pilates, both in practice and instruction. It is truly amazing how the human body works, both in microscopic and big ways, to bring each of us through our respective life adventures!