Mr Chen Jinquan

I graduated with a Master of Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Oxford. My years in university were intellectually challenging but fulfilling. I now more fully appreciate the beauty and value of critical and creative thinking.

Before joining Eunoia, I taught both Mathematics and English for several years at a secondary school. My first years in teaching were memorable and formative. Most importantly, I learnt to understand and relate to my students as persons. In the process, I grew more aware of their joys and struggles in school, both inside and outside the classroom. I was also in charge of the Peer Support Board and worked with a motivated group of students to organise numerous school events. These experiences have reinforced my belief that students, when motivated and empowered, can achieve great things. Thus, I believe that it is crucial to nurture confidence in all my students and guide them to discover their passions.

Outside school, I enjoy outdoor pursuits and being in nature. I believe that outdoor activities not only cultivate character, but also relieve stress and calm the mind. In addition, I enjoy reading and continue to dabble in mathematics and philosophy occasionally.

I am delighted to join the Eunoia community and look forward to learning together with everyone.