Ms Ng Siow Ying

I graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science with Honours (Distinction) in Life Sciences. In my Honours year, I embarked on a year-long research project where I carried out molecular studies on the symbiotic algae (Zooxanthellae) harboured in the fluted giant clam Tridacna squamosa. It was an eye-opening experience that was not short of challenges and the sense of fulfilment from overcoming them. It taught me that making mistakes and experiencing failure is the prelude to improvement and the key to building resilience. Therefore, I hope to encourage my students to be less fearful and more daring to try. The exposure to biological research also helped in enhancing my scientific critical thinking skills, which I wish to strengthen in my students as well.

Prior to joining Eunoia Junior College, I completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education. I also completed several short teaching stints, where I had the opportunity to interact with students from diverse backgrounds across different streams (Normal and Express) and Integrated Programme. If someone were to ask me about three aspects of teaching that I treasure and cherish, it would be the dynamic interactions with students in and out of the classroom, being able to witness their personal growth and building meaningful connections with them.

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” I strongly believe that every student should be respected and valued as an individual who has the potential to shine. I look forward to learning from my students, colleagues and reflecting on my teaching, so as to improve my craft as an educator.

In light of the college vision “Every Eunoian a Youth with Purpose, Thinker with Heart, Leader with Courage”, I hope to empower and guide my students to strive for holistic development, seek their own meaning in life and realise their fullest potential. Besides academic endeavours, character development is also imperative and far-reaching. Hence, I wish to encourage Eunoians with beautiful minds to spread goodwill and serve the community.

I look forward to an enriching and exciting journey with the Eunoia family!