Dr Gooi Tah Choe

My passion for music began in Malaysia when my mother brought a piano into the family. From the black and white keys, my love for music grew through my undergraduate study at the University of British Columbia and, eventually, in Singapore where I did my Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at the National Institute of Education (NIE).

Since then, I have been staying in Singapore and pursuing my career as a music educator in secondary schools, junior colleges, and the Ministry of Education Arts Education Branch (AEB). Music has meaningfully shaped my life as well as the lives of many students that I had the honour to teach and learn from. It has guided me to see commonalities in many other art forms shaped by creativity and our need for expression.

I believe that Eunoia Junior College is a place that will grow the minds and hearts of many young students who seek an immersive experience and refuge in the arts. It is here a teacher I become, and a student once more.