Ms Karol Ann Tan

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Second Upper Honours) with a double major in English and Communication Studies from the University of Western Australia. As part of my honours year thesis, I explored the advent of the printing press and its impact on Early Modern English and reading habits.

Since graduating, I have had the privilege of teaching students from varying age groups, abilities, and backgrounds. In addition to working with children aged three to six as an Assistant Teacher at a pre-school, I have also taught English Language and Literature at both primary and secondary levels. The bulk of my experience comes from teaching General Paper at the junior college level where I have honed a deep passion for my subject. While the individuals I have taught are vastly different, the common thread that runs through my teaching experiences is best summarised in Robert Heinlein’s philosophy that “when one teaches, two learn”. I picked up many valuable lessons from interactions with my students and these have helped shape my current teaching style. Dealing with the different needs and abilities of students has taught me the value of teaching the way a child learns and this is a lesson I am constantly re-learning.

My proudest moments in teaching come from the students who have cultivated an interest in and discovered the value of the subjects I teach. What lends meaning to my work as an educator lies not in the grades attained but in how hard my students have tried and the life lessons they have picked up from being a part of my class. Starting at a new school is always daunting, but students are the one constant in an educator’s life. I look forward to my interactions with the students at Eunoia and I hope to capitalise on my past experiences to contribute to the creation of an inclusive and caring culture here.


Karol joined the college as a pioneering member of staff in 2017.