Mdm Liu Shuyu

I graduated from the National University of Singapore and obtained a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) in Chemistry.

I taught Chemistry at a junior college from 2010 to 2013, and it was a very memorable experience. I had the opportunity to lead a team to come up with an e-learning package for Chemistry. In addition, I was also part of the team to develop Bishan Park learning package and successfully launch the package on World Water Day on 16th March 2013. I also facilitated the learning trail for a group of teachers during the Department Learning Day in 2013.

I believe that every student can learn and excel in different ways, therefore as educators, it is important to cater to diverse learners. From my teaching experience, I have learnt different pedagogical skills to cater to diverse learners. My two-year stint at the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) really pushed me out of my comfort zone to see a wider picture of what education comprises. At AST, I was involved in the planning of training for teachers, organising various events and overseeing an award team. Although I know my passion is still in teaching, the soft skills I learnt in HQ are crucial in handling challenges that come along the way.

I enjoy interacting with young adults. The discussions on Chemistry both in and outside classrooms are deeply fulfilling. Although my experience in the education sector is short, I hope I can apply what I have learnt these past few years to serve Eunoia Junior College, and at the same time, continue to enhance my own personal development in the college. I understand that there will be many challenges ahead to teach in a new JC, but I am looking forward to have the opportunity to start a school and work with the team.

During my free time, I enjoy catching up with friends and listening to music. Singing and baking are also some of my interests. I have a lovely daughter and a supportive husband. To me, spending time with family is very important.


Shuyu joined the college as a pioneering member of staff in 2016.