Ms Elena Tan

I graduated with a degree in law from the National University of Singapore in 2016. The rigour of law school moulded me to become a critical thinker and developed my interest in current affairs and the different political and social forces that affects the Singapore society. In particular, my experiences interacting with accused persons and broken families in various pro bono initiatives shaped my conviction in what I truly wanted in a profession: the opportunity to inspire individuals to have a heart for others, to challenge youth to think beyond themselves for the larger community, and to kindle advocacy among youth, who would steer their talents to become champions of the hurting and helpless.

My academic interests, and my passion for nurturing the younger generation to be giving members of society, inspired me to become a General Paper (GP) teacher at the end of my legal studies. I believe that GP offers countless opportunities to broaden students’ perspectives and to cultivate empathy for those who are different from them. My biggest joys in teaching are when students speak passionately about a personal experience that they had and when class discussions challenge their pre-existing views about a particular issue. It is my greatest hope that my GP classroom will always remain a secure and exciting environment for my students to grow as individuals in line with Eunoia’s ethos – to be youths with purpose, thinkers with heart, and leaders with courage.

Outside of teaching, I am passionate about running. I believe it is an apt metaphor for life, where we are all individuals each running our own race, at different paces and encountering different obstacles on our path. What keeps each runner going is the hope of finishing well, setting his or her eyes on the prize that awaits. I hope to inspire my students to be resilient and steadfast as they achieve their aspirations, and to be a faithful cheerleader who will journey alongside them every step of the way.