Mr Perrin Singarayar

I read Linguistics and Political Science in the National University of Singapore and later received my Bachelor of Laws with Honours from the University of London. My days in university provided me opportunities to explore the intrinsic joy accorded by the study of law, politics, and language.

At the first junior college to which I was posted, I was tasked to set up the Knowledge & Inquiry (KI) programme and also helped shape the school-based General Paper (GP) programme. When I was then posted to my second junior college, I helped shape the concept-based curriculum for both GP and the school-based interdisciplinary programme. At Eunoia, I am excited to once again be part of a team which structures learning around concepts as I truly believe that is how we learn best. As a Senior Teacher, I mentor beginning teachers and am a key driver for the English Department and its programmes.

A career high point for me was helping my students achieve a breakthrough in writing and reading arguments through a model I developed by borrowing tools from KI and fusing it to the GP framework. Another highlight was helping my students achieve the best ever KI results at the 2014 'A' Level Examination.

Fundamentally, I am most passionate about people because people fascinate me. I also believe strongly that we should follow truth and everything else is secondary (or unnecessary). My personal beliefs and hobbies drive me to value precision and calibrate every moment to suit the needs of those under my stewardship. I am looking forward to meeting, working, learning, and teaching with kindred spirits in EJC.


Perrin joined the college as a pioneering member of staff in 2017.