Mr Cao Jiandong

I graduated from Beijing Normal University with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Chinese Language and Literature. I started teaching in a local junior college since 1999, and have since gained 18 years of varied teaching experience in different Chinese subjects such as Chinese AO,  General Studies in Chinese, H1 Chinese, Higher Chinese Language (for IP students) and CLB. I have been teaching China Studies in Chinese since 2007, and was appointed by MOE as a Subject Facilitator for China Studies in Chinese (CSC) from Jan 2014 to Dec 2016. At the same time, I am acting as the vice-Chairman of the working committee for the development of GCE ‘A’ Level H2 China Studies in Chinese teaching and learning resources for the new 2016 ‘A’ level CSC curriculum. Besides the main curriculum, I also offered elective courses to students, including The Culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ancient Chinese Philosophy, The Appreciation of Chinese Calligraphy, The History of Ancient Chinese Poems, The Appreciation of Contemporary Chinese Movie and The Arts of War.

I was the teacher in-charge of the Chinese Calligraphy Club in my previous school. I am proficient in calligraphy and have the experience of holding a big exhibition, such as a Students’ Calligraphy Exhibition held at the National Library Board in 2007.

As a teacher, I will help to facilitate my student’s pursuit for knowledge and help them acquire the communication skills, problem solving skills, and critical thinking skills which will enable them to be life-long learners. I believe students should learn to be independent, yet have the skills necessary to work constructively in a team.  I love the quote by Confucius: ‘因材施教’ , which means teaching students in accordance of their aptitude.

I am a professional and dedicated individual with a passion in the promotion of Chinese culture and students’ moral education. I am also a strong believer of teamwork because I enjoy the process of working in teams and I treasure the opportunities for learning from others.


Jiandong joined the college as a pioneering member of staff in 2017.