Mr Alex Teo

I graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Engineering (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering), Honors with Highest Distinction on a Global Engineering Programme Scholarship, which provided me with various overseas learning opportunities in South Korea and the United States. Prior to joining the teaching profession, I worked as an energy engineer at a refinery focusing on carbon tax implementation and reporting as well as various energy improvement projects.

Before joining Eunoia, I had experience teaching in various secondary schools and that affirmed my teaching philosophy that every child can and wants to learn. Much of today’s society valorises academic success but we are seeing more and more non-traditional stories of success where youths chart their own path in whatever they are passionate about. My hope is thus to be able to help my students find their definition of success.

Being offered to teach mathematics under the Postgraduate Diploma in Education came as a surprise to me due to my course of study. However, the more I explored the subject, the greater appreciation I had for it. I always remind my students that the “why” in mathematics is as important as the answer. Students are often so fixated on finding the right answer that they forget to question why they are doing certain steps. I believe that it is important to stay curious and question the established methodology so as to continuously improve ourselves and the processes around us.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy finding new places to eat or relaxing at home to a newly released drama or comedy. I am grateful for the privileged opportunity to join Eunoia and look forward to the new learning opportunities that come with joining a junior college. I hope to be able to impact Eunoians in being a Youth with Purpose, Thinker with Heart and Leader with Courage.