Ready to Overcome – Spartan Challenge 2017

Spartan Challenge 2017

6 October 2017 saw the five houses pit their strength and stamina against their ultimate foe - themselves - at the inaugural EJC Spartan Challenge. Held after the Promotional Examination, the event hopes to give all Eunoians a new challenge in an honour-based system of participation and collaboration.

Test themselves in new ways they did, completing various obstacles such as the Hercules hoist, farmer's walk, low wire crawl and an Irish table and tyre traversal stations. The Atria was fully animated with all manner of movement too. Eunoians did push ups, planked, skipped rope, held a tug-of-war and arm-wrestled their way into the Eunoia record books. Along the way some students unveiled talent that their friends and college community never knew they had.

Gamely, a few of our teachers took some time off from examination marking to take part in the challenges as well. Our Principal Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng held her own at the Front Hold station, attracting a crowd and her fair share of cheers.

Uzuri house would eventually take the crown, as they swept most of the records at the King of the Hill challenge and wowed the judges at the mascot and cheer finale. Ultimately, the Spartan Challenge was about resilience and success of one's own definition, which at the call of our Deputy Principal Mr Boy Eng Seng are traits all Eunoians showed and must show in the tests they face in the closing months of 2017.