Invest with Integrity – 2017 A-Level PW Journey

2017 Project Work Journey

Our pioneer cohort of Eunoians received their 2017 A-Level Project Work results on Tuesday, 17 April 2018. To top off a very promising overall performance, we interviewed some of our students to learn more about their Project Work journey, the people who made it all possible and their words of encouragement for their juniors in JC1.


Trina Chong (17-U1):  I feel both relieved and comforted by my group's achievements. Given the open-ended nature of Project Work (PW), there were many times when we stood at crossroads and had to make decisions that we were not thoroughly certain of. These dilemmas ranged from major things like what our solution should be, to seemingly trivial things like what colour scheme we should use for our presentation slides. Having been gripped by anxiety for so many months, it's heartening to know that the results my group attained has validated the effort and emotions we put into our project.

I think what helped get us this far was our recognition of each other's strengths, weaknesses and working styles from the early stages of the PW journey. This enabled us to delegate the work effectively and to be more empathetic towards each other when we were faced with contrasting perspectives.

Ullekha Murali (17-U2):  I feel very thankful for the result, because we would not have been able to achieve this without the help of our PW mentor's as well as our OP mentors' feedback and comments. I think we got this far by being meticulous and diligent with our work and leaving no stone unturned when addressing Mrs Koh's comments on our project.

Ang Jia Yi (17-U2):  I feel really thankful for our achievement. It was tough, tiring, and there were many moments we felt discouraged and wanted to give up but I'm glad we pressed on. Having put in our best effort to continue to refine our ideas and identify improvements, I would also like to say a big thank you to Mrs Brigitte Koh for her constant support and feedback that made all of this possible.

Sineka Kottaimuthu (17-I2):  I feel incredibly proud of our project and my PW mates. It was a challenging journey with many ups and downs. Our initial project was met with limitations, originality wise, as our solutions were similar to a new MOE project. However, instead of being discouraged, our group immediately started looking for other project areas and was very determined in innovating a solution that was unique to us. Our group was focused despite being behind other groups in the process.

Georgia Yew (17-O1):  We all feel elated and grateful that we managed to do well together. We got this far because of our collective effort and we had amazing support and drive from our class: being there, giving feedback for our Oral Presentation and offering their IT skills.

Nicole Chung (17-A3):  I'm proud of how far our group has come despite all the roadblocks we faced during this PW journey. I remember facing so much uncertainty at the start, especially when we could not settle what exactly we wanted our project to be centred on. I think through our hard work and after warming up to each other, we were able to pull through with the support of one another and Mr Jonathan Chong, our PW mentor.


Tan Zi Hao (17-U1):   Project Work provided us a platform for substantial, independent research towards identifying pertinent issues in Singapore and coming up with solutions targeted at social improvement. The knowledge we acquired and the opportunity to contribute to the community in themselves are much cherished. On a personal note, PW has allowed me to gain a heightened awareness of the importance of compromise in maintaining the balance of being heard and maintaining team cohesiveness.

Ryan Lee (17-U2):  Project Work gave us the opportunity to interact with cleaners in the Ghim Moh community and understand their lives and job scopes a lot more than we would otherwise have on a daily basis.

Ye Ganghua (17-U2):  I think it's the friendships that we forged with each other as group members that was most meaningful. We bonded a lot more through hardship and going through challenges together. I've also learnt to leverage on each other's strengths. For example, my group mate is very proficient in language and I can generate ideas. This case, we complemented each other by putting each other's ideas into actual words.

Jolyn Ho (17-A3):  My Project Work mates! Through this nine-month project, we really got to know each other better and fostered close bonds with each other. I got to know their individual perks and it was a great journey with them!

Zoey Neo (17-A3):  The elderly we met made our PW journey exceptionally fulfilling. They have known trials, struggles and loss, and have found their way out of the depths. Their stories inspired us that there is hope in everything, even in the darkest of times, and we should never give up.

Megan Ong (17-I2):  One essential lesson that PW taught me throughout this journey is the importance of teamwork. Even though there are individual components to it, you cannot escape from the fact that PW is very much a group-based subject, and working well as a team is paramount for everyone to attain desired results. Despite our different personalities, I found it very uplifting to see how well we harmonised with and bounced ideas off each other, and it really drove home the message that communication is key to any successful group project.

Wong Zann Yee (17-O1):  The chance to work with great teammates and tap on a very strong support network made the journey meaningful. The support we got from one another truly made our journey more than just a subject, but an opportunity to grow and explore.

Allison Hoe (17-O1):  Our group focused on people with intellectual disabilities (PWID). It was meaningful to challenge ourselves to engage with the wider community through our collaboration with Dignity Kitchen and MINDS. We found the greatest joy when we visited these organisations and actually saw our solutions and plans being actualised to help the community.


Joei Ow (17-U1):   To our juniors, do map out a timeline and plan what your group needs and wishes to accomplish! This would ensure that your group does not rush to finish assignments and instead allocate sufficient time for consultations and revisions as well. The PW journey may be tough, but as long as you encourage and support each other along the way, the experience can be a worthwhile one! Remember to take care of your body as well so you can put in your best for the project.

Ullekha Murali (17-U2):  To our juniors, stay true to the aim of your project, but still be willing to change parts of it based on your mentor's feedback.

Ye Ganghua (17-U2):  Keep approaching your PW tutors for help - 'harass' them if you have to! In all seriousness, please treat them with love and care, and work hard for your project.

Ally Ong (17-O2):  Have a clear outline of your ideas from the beginning. Do not be afraid to discuss and clarify things with your group members and tutors. Be familiar with your whole project for the Q&A segment of the Oral Presentation, not just your own part.

Nicole Chung (17-A3):  PW may be a struggle at the start, especially when you're unfamiliar with your group mates. But know that it'll all work out in the end, and just enjoy your PW journey!

Kimberly Ong (17-I2):  Be open to all suggestions no matter how impossible it may sound at first. It is important to think of unique ideas to make ur PW stand out. Follow the timeline and due dates set by your teacher and group to ensure that there is sufficient time to improve and make changes to your project. Most importantly, be passionate about your own idea!

Megan Ong (17-I2):  No matter how hopeless each situation may seem, you should continue to push on, lean on each other for support and never give up. At certain points, you may have to take a step back, reflect upon your work, and decide to change an idea that isn’t feasible or even redo a whole proposal. Don’t be afraid to take some risks and make some compromises if you think it will be better for your project in the long term, because the extra effort will most likely pay off and be worth it.

Wong Zann Yee (17-O1):  Consult early - do not leave everything until the deadline. There are three drafts for a reason! Go to consults with areas for improvement prepared, put in consistent effort, and take inspiration from everywhere.

Audrey Choong (17-O1):  We think that it's important to problem-solve as a group. It is okay to be afraid to approach new people and the unknown but by feeling your project and trying to achieve something greater together, PW becomes quite the journey of a lifetime. P.S. For Oral Presentation, practice does make perfect!


Chloe Kuan (17-U1):   Firstly, our group would like to thank our PW supervising tutor, Ms Nadira, for never hesitating to offer her help and honest advice to improve our Written Report and Oral Presentation, and doing so even beyond lesson time. Also, our Civics Tutors, Ms Teo and Dr Chen, for always checking in on us and even sitting in for one of our OP practices, taking time off their busy schedules to help us in our preparation by readily giving us feedback. We are also grateful for our classmates and friends for sitting in for almost every single OP practice session we had, even though that meant they had to listen to the same thing more than 20 times! They also helped us by coming up with unique questions to challenge our project and thinking further, and with that, we were definitely more prepared to answer questions impromptu on the day itself.

Ang Jia Yi (17-U2):  I would like to thank Mrs Koh for her dedication and always making time for us to listen to our ideas and concerns! She asks us questions to help us discover gaps in our current ideas, and trigger us to think critically of better ways to refine our ideas. Also, I would like to express my appreciation to all members of the public, the cleaners in the Ghim Moh community as well as the NEA team for providing their insights and assistance.

Daiki Funamoto (17-A3):  I would like to thank our PW teacher, Mr Jonathan Chong, for putting in a lot of effort in making our PW journey a great one, and for making sure our assignments were of top quality. I would like to thank my group mates for contributing so much throughout the year and helping one another at every point during our Oral Presentation runway, to make sure no one was left behind.

Zoey Neo (17-A3):  Our deepest gratitude and respect goes to the most dedicated mentor we have ever known - Mr Jonathan Chong. He worked tirelessly day and night, doing whatever he can within and beyond his call of duty, only wanting the best for his students. We truly admire his perseverance and dedication to all his PW classes. Furthermore, he does not complain even when the going gets tough. We cannot thank him enough for all the support and encouragement he has given to not only our group but every group he was in charge of.

We would also like to thank Filos Community Services for their guidance and support. Our interviews and pilot tests would not have been possible without their help. They have contributed valuable feedback for us to improve and make our product more applicable to the real world. We would like to thank our friends as well for encouraging us throughout our PW journey. Without their constant reassurance, we would not have made it this far.

Ally Ong (17-O2):  We'd like to thank the school's PW Department for constructing a very supportive structure of lectures and consults, Mr Jonathan Yew for being patient and investing in us, our ideas and our work.

Kimberly Ong (17-I2):  We would like to thank Ms Iris Lee for the constant support and encouragement that really motivated us to continue improving our project and for keeping us on task. We would also like to thank all the teachers and classmates who helped us with the OP practice.