Induction Day 2017 – Start Shining

Induction Day

The college commemorated its inaugural Induction Day on 20 February 2017, which marks the initiation of Eunoians into the college. Without seniors in JC2, the 2017 cohort of Eunoians would also be inducted as pioneers entrusted with shaping the college's identity and culture.

The proceedings began with an opening address by Principal Mrs Wong-Cheang Mei Heng, who underlined the college's commitment to co-creating the college experience with its students and called upon Eunoians to embrace the many opportunities and challenges ahead of them. Following this, Mrs Kellie Woo, Dean of JC1s, introduced the respective Civics Groups to their new Civics Tutors and spoke about the principles behind the Civics Group system.



Civics Groups (CGs) in the college are named after their year of matriculation and their respective Houses. 17-A1 is the first 2017-2018 class in Akila house, and 17-E2 is in Eder house, 17-I3 is in Isami house, 17-O4 is in Ora house, and 17-U5 is in Uzuri house. House masters and mistresses are typically Civics Tutors of CGs within the house. This nomenclature reflects the importance of the House system in the college and the role Eunoians play in creating and displaying their House identities.

Civics Tutors (CTs) play a vital role in the education of every Eunoian. Beyond administrators and subject tutors, every Civics Tutor will play the role of Life Coach, guiding and walking with their students on the academic journey, as well as the longer path of pursuing passions and life goals.



This relationship between CTs and Eunoians would soon be lived out in the next segment of the Induction Day programme. Our Civics Tutors would present students in their CG with a collar pin, as part of the Eunoia Starter Kit. This collar pin, as Mrs Woo shared, represents the Eunoia identity. Our students represent the college and like their shiny new collar pins, would soon be shining brightly from this day on. Responding cheerily to Mrs Woo's invitation, our Eunoians cheerily helped to pin it on their friends' collars, and so marked the beginning of their beautiful journey, and the beautiful friendships they will forge.