Graduation Day 2020 – Dreaming with Courage

Graduation Day 2020


The college's Graduation Day for its third cohort of students was the first-ever at its Bishan campus and in line with nationwide safe management measures, one unlike other previous farewells.

A small-scale 'live' ceremony was held in the auditorium to commend the achievements of Eunoians, followed by class-based activities led by Civics Tutors and the 4th Student Council in the classrooms. Pre-recorded teacher performances, including a dance item that traversed various parts of the college by Mdm Tan Lingmin, Ms Tan Fangxi, Ms Sandra Chan and Ms Jacintha Huang, and well-wishes from alumni, canteen vendors and subject teachers were played, often to rapturous laughter and cheers that could be heard along the corridor.

In place of the annual prom held at the end of the year, student councillors from the JC1 cohort planned and facilitated an online quiz as well as an autograph signing activity. Each class of students enjoyed refreshments together with their Civics Tutors.

Sharing her thoughts on the modified Graduation Day programme, Mrs Kellie Woo, Dean of the JC2 cohort, said:

This has been an unprecedented year for the Class of 2020. One of the key messages that I’d like the cohort to take away from the COVID-19 experience is to be able to emerge stronger amidst challenges. We could have taken the easy way out by not having a Graduation this year, but we worked within the parameters, still maintaining the meaningfulness of the event. 

In fact, the students appreciated being in homerooms and enjoyed the various activities as a class; and parents appreciated that their children were given recognition for their achievements which they could view off-site. 

I am also very heartened by the efforts made by the entire school staff for contributing in many ways towards this meaningful event for the Class of 2020 – from writing a poem, putting up a video of a dance taken at different parts of the campus, to personalized notes of encouragement to the students. 

Indeed, through Graduation, we have shown our Class of 2020 that with unity, ingenuity and determination, the possibilities are endless.